Edward's Trust supporting children after the loss of a parent or sibling

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For 28 years Edward's Trust have been supporting bereaved families.

Edward’s Trust offers a holistic bereavement care service to children and young people following the death of a parent, carer or sibling in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Through this unique support, young lives that have been devastated by death are rebuilt and nurtured to ensure they reach their full potential.


Bereavement Support for Children

Services for children and young people

  • Counselling
  • Therapeutic Activities
  • Peer Support Groups
  • Remembrance Service
  • Social Activities
  • Pre-bereavement Support


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Edward’s Trust offers a range of support for bereaved children including one to one counselling, art therapy, attending support groups at our bereavement centre, accessing social activities with other children surviving bereavement and support at school. The outreach work undertaken in schools makes the service accessible to children who, for family or social reasons, would find it difficult to come to our centre. We organise a range of social and therapeutic activities and groups for bereaved children. Without the right kind of support bereaved children and young people are vulnerable to long term difficulties which can impact on them physically as well as psychologically.

A number of the children who have been helped by Edward’s Trust want to support our work by becoming members of our Kidz Kouncil or Young Ambassadors.