Clare Martin

I am a Solicitor and Director of Tyndallwoods Solicitors in Birmingham although I am currently on Maternity Leave. I specialise in Wills, Trusts and Probate and I’m a member of The Society of Trust  and Estate Practitioners. I am fortunate that my firm supports charity in a big way. Judy Dyke, my colleague and co-Director, has been a Patron of Edward’s Trust for many years and introduced me to the charity back in 2000.
I have been honoured to work with Edward’s Trust since 2009 and my involvement began with assisting the Trust with their social media efforts. I am now a Trustee and Patron and I support the Trust from a Governance perspective but also by supporting the Fundraising Team with projects such as the Legacy Initiative.

I became a Patron in 2012 and a Trustee in 2015. I am privileged to be a part of Edward’s Trust, it is incredibly rewarding to be part of an organisation that makes such a difference to bereaved people and families.

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