Edward's Trust supporting children and families who are facing loss and bereavement

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Edward’s Trust makes a real difference to the lives of bereaved families. You can help us to continue making a difference by supporting our work in many different ways.

How your donation helps


Pays for the materials needed for five children in our Creative Expression of Grief Project.


Funds a day out for each bereaved family to meet with other families significantly reducing their isolation.


Funds our Wellbeing in Bereavement support to each bereaved parent.


Supports one child through our schools Outreach Project


Supports a bereaved child through the counselling they need.


Supports a bereaved parent through the counselling they need.


Funds a residential respite retreat for a group of parents.

Upcoming Events.

Edward’s Trust organise and host a diverse range of charity events throughout the year and welcome people to organise their own events on our behalf.

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