Gung Ho!

Seriously Fun Inflatable 5K

Birmingham 2019

Cofton Park 27th April

Run, jump and climb over ten of the world’s biggest inflatable obstacles. Get fit, raise money for Edward’s Trust and #BEGUNGHO!

Gung Ho! 2019

Join us for this seriously fun 5K inflatable run at Cofton Park in Birmingham on 27th April.

From huge slides to enormous spikey balls, there’s plenty of challenges to be found on the Gung Ho! 5K course.

Every obstacle is designed for the maximum amount of fun, just check out the smiles on our faces from last year’s event.

Sign up on their website (the earlier the possible to make use of their discounted prices). Then drop us an e-mail using the contact form below to let us know you’ve entered and we will help you with any promotional materials, such as one of our branded t-shirts so you can fly the kite proudly for ET.

Let us know you've entered

Let us know if you have or or thinking about entering and we will support you in any way we can...

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