Judy Dyke

I am the proud Mum of Harriet and Michael and Chairman and Director of Tyndallwoods Solicitors, Edgbaston. It has been my pleasure to support Edward’s Trust since the early 90s particularly in the area of fundraising.

In 1999 I was honoured to be invited to become a Patron of the Trust and since then I have worn my silver kite brooch with great pride at various events when I have represented the Trust.

Over the years I have applied to grant making trusts seeking support for Edward’s Trust. I remember every showcase event that I have attended when I learn of the amazing work of the Trust. I have so many treasured memories including friendships made, the performance of  Edward’s poem The Magic Jigsaw at the Town Hall  and the installation of the Trust’s Garden of Remembrance at the National Memorial Arboretum.   In 2014 I collated the book “Honouring Edward’s Trust – The First 25 Years” to celebrate this special milestone.

I look forward with enthusiasm to continue to serve Edward’s Trust in the years to come.

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