Edward's Trust - 28 years supporting children and families who are facing loss and surviving bereavement

The Quinton Family

"Edward's Trust Saved Us"

The Quinton family lost a number of loved ones in a very short time including a maternal grandfather, two great grandmothers and a younger family member all in a matter of months and left 8 year old twin boys Bobby and Mathew, Millie, 6 and five year old Charlie and their mum Emily devastated.  The family have all been supported at Edward’s Trust through one-to-one counselling, group activities, social activities and peer group support.

Emily Quinton says of Edward Trust’s work with her young children: “Edward’s Trust have helped our family get through the worst days of the worst time of our lives.

“My daughter Millie woke every night with horrendous nightmares after the loss of my father and my husband’s younger brother James who lived with us. Millie became restless, tired and scared to go to sleep and started eating tissue paper as a coping mechanism. My son Bobby also suffered and really struggled with his emotions.

“Edward’s Trust really saved us, and I’m not even sure Millie and Bobby even knew or understood what a counsellor was, or even believed they were attending a bereavement support service. Christina helped Millie through her PICA [inappropriate item eating disorder] through creative arts and using tissue paper (instead of eating it) to create artwork and express her feelings and it’s now thankfully under control and the nightmares of stopped.

“Bobby has also learned to deal with his emotions and manage his grief and as a family we are now on our way to recovery thanks to the Edward’s Trust.”

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