Locally based training in partnership

Due to the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the number of young people affected by a bereavement in the West Midlands.

The need to support bereaved young people has never been more important. We also know that there will be wider issues of loss and an increase in mental health issues. At the same time the resources on offer and organisations involved can seem overwhelming and confusing.

In order to help you through the many resources and training offers, local bereavement charities and organisations have got together to think through a collaborative approach to the offer we can give schools and communities. Rather than re-invent the wheel, below is a diary of all bereavement training offered by a number of different organisations so you can pick a date or details that suit you best. Due to COVID 19 most of this training is currently being run online, however we know the local context and may also be able to offer additional support. You can find out more about this partnership in Edward’s Trust’s August Kite magazine or here.


Thurs 15th, 7.00pm-9.00pm – Listening People from At A Loss             Book here


This information will be kept secure at Edward’s Trust office.

The information will be used by the counsellors and wellbeing therapists to aid them in their support.

The data will be kept on a secure database, and only used anonymously in conjunction with other clients’ data as statistics. We will not contact you for marketing purposes

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