Services for Adults

We want you to know that you are not alone with your loss, and that we here to support you in the best way we can, for as long as you need us…

Bereavement Support for Parents and Adults

The devastating grief and sorrow which accompanies the death of a child can be extremely debilitating.  Grief has a huge impact on a bereaved adult, affecting them on a personal, social, psychological, physical and spiritual level. 

Support for Parents Supporting Bereaved Children

The majority of carers will be bereaved themselves. Our support acknowledges the carers’ grief and enables them to help their children understand and manage their grief. 

At Edward’s Trust we recognise this is a life long journey and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. The bereavement support we offer is gentle and accepting of the person, allowing parents to be honest and patient with themselves whilst supporting them through this unique journey.  

Services for Adults

  • Counselling
  • Wellbeing Therapies including Mindfulness Practices and complementary therapies
  • Support Groups
  • Social Activities
  • Remembrance Services

Services for Adults

Bereavement counselling

Counselling can be 1-1 or as a couple. For parents bereaved of a child of any age, in any circumstance. Also for adults affected by the death of a child up to the age of 18 years.

Pre-bereavement support and counselling

Pre-bereavement support and counselling can help you to cope with your experiences of having someone you are close to in your life, who is living with a terminal illness.

Support groups

When you are going through something so painful we want you to know that you don’t have to deal with it on your own.

Wellbeing therapies

At Edward’s Trust we offer a holistic approach combining wellbeing therapies with support for coping with grief. Wellbeing therapies offer wonderful ways to support ourselves to relax and become more aware of how closely our mind, body and emotions are linked.  You can find out more here

Social activites and outings

We run social events for adults and families who are in our Edward’s Trust community on a regular basis. Keep an eye on our calendar of events and watch out for our ‘Staying in Touch’ Pack (coming soon).

Signposting for useful books or websites to read

There are many other great websites and resources out there to help support you in your grief journey. Look at our Resources page to find out more. 

Personal Stories

Here is what some of our families say about the support they have received from Edward's Trust

I began receiving counselling on a fortnightly basis. Once I met Karen I was made to feel so welcome and the support and love she has shown me has been nothing short of amazing. Karen’s role is to support parents who are supporting grieiving children.

The support I have received from Edward’s Trust has allowed me to open up freely about the thoughts and feelings I have faced through this journey. When you lose somebody you love the world keeps on turning when yours has stopped, so having somebody there that you can offload not only your grief to, but the struggles of everyday life that you are now facing is invaluable.


My first visit was for parents who were bereaved through a road traffic accident. Being with other parents and under the guidance of a trained counsellor gave me the strength to say the words that stuck in my throat “Elliott, my son was killed in a motorbike accident”.

Since then, both my daughters, grandson and I have been to ‘one to one’ sessions. An Edward’s Trust visit means I’m able to be me, the façade of being in control is dropped and I can talk about Elliott with no awkward looks, shuffling of feet, or someone trying to change the subject. There’s no timescale on the length of time or the number of sessions you have. Even now, 4 years on, I know I could still pick up the phone and say “I’m struggling, I need help”.


Here is what some professionals say about the support they have received from Edward's Trust

Sue has been with the FLO team every step of the way and has never failed to take on a family and provide the much needed, sometimes life-saving counselling support, she is so superb at providing.

Edward’s Trust set up a focus group for our victims which guides a large group of bereaved people, that are all at various stages of loss.  Sue is never afraid to sensitively help and support these families to work through whatever their issues, that are foremost in their minds, at that particular time.

When a Fatal Road Traffic collision occurs, the emergency services attend the scene and the Police, Fire, Paramedic, Helicopter, Doctors and Hospital staff all do their very best to try and pick up the pieces and make right what has gone so tragically and horrendously wrong but when we have stepped back it is the likes of Sue and the team at Edward’s Trust who pick up the pieces of the families shattered lives and try so hard to make the right for them on an emotionally level.  I am always proud to be able to pass on my families to Edward’s Trust as I know they are always in the best of hands.

DC 9713 Robert Williams

Family Liason Officer, Collision Investigation Unit, West Midlands Police

We share Edward’s Trust’s vision and belief, and are excited to be able to build a strong working relationship.

Amy Jackson

Founder of The Lily Mae Foundation,


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