Baby Loss Bereavement

At Edward’s Trust we offer support to parents whose baby has died under any circumstances during pregnancy or after birth.

We recognise that this is such a devastating and difficult loss to experience and will bring up many different and difficult emotions for all the family.  We know that every family member will be grieving in their own way and at their own pace. These differences in grieving can be difficult to understand and may create extra pressure within your family setting.

After a period of time, there can be expectations from those closest to you that you should be coping better and ‘moving on’.  If you feel that your usual support networks from family and friends is not enough you may want to consider counselling. We offer counselling for parents who want space to talk in confidence about their experiences and emotions either individually or as a couple. We also offer counselling support to siblings who may be struggling with their loss.  

Helplines for immediate support


Voices from our bereaved adults 

People who have been bereaved often say that they feel so alone in their grief and think that no one else understands. A number of our bereaved adults took part in a filming project because they wanted to have their voices heard and for others to know that are not alone in feeling what they feel. Here are two films from our series of ‘Voices from our Bereaved adults’

Louise talks about her experience of baby loss and Kate and Michael talk about their experience pre-natal loss. They all share their experience of coming to Edward’s Trust for support.

You can see the other films – Voices from our Bereaved Adults on our YouTube Channel herere

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What is Counselling?

The word ‘counselling’ may be a bit of a daunting word, but really it’s just about meeting with somebody who will try and understand and is trained to help you express how you are feeling. This can help you work through how you feel and find coping strategies for your grief journey.

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What is Wellbeing therapy?

Facing the loss of a loved one is a very individual journey and the experience of grief often affects the whole person – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.             

Wellbeing therapies offer a range of ways to support you to relax, and become more aware of how closely our mind, body and emotions are linked.

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Sands Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity have produced a great booklet to help guide you through this difficult time. It has also been translated into Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Urdu and Ukranian. You can download all booklets here.   


Personal Stories – Here are a selection of films from other baby loss charities


Here are some recommended websites about bereavement by baby loss that we hope you will find informative and useful