What is counselling?

The word ‘counselling’ may be a bit of a daunting word, but really it’s just about meeting with somebody who will try and understand and is trained to help you express how you are feeling. This can help you work through how you feel and find coping strategies for your grief journey.

Why counselling?

Counselling is often helpful when someone has been through, or is going through something really tough. It’s good to talk to somebody about how you are feeling, rather than bottle it up. Lots of people have counselling for all sorts of reasons. It is a sign of strength when you acknowledge that you need a bit of help. We all need help sometimes. 

Why would I speak to a stranger?

It may seem a bit strange to talk to someone you don’t know about things that are personal and painful. Sometimes it can be hard to talk to your family because you know that they are finding it hard too. Speaking to someone who is outside of the situation can be helpful because they have that bit of distance and are less emotionally involved. All of our counsellors are qualified and have years of experience of helping people work through similar experiences. Taking the first step is the hardest bit!

How does it work?

We have a number of  counsellors here at Edward’s Trust. You will be allocated to one of them, and they will be your counsellor for as long as you need support. Your first appointment will be a bit of a getting to know you session and going through expectations of your time together so you will know what it will be like. The counsellor will help you to feel comfortable and answer any questions you have. It’s ok if you have lots of questions! The counsellors will take it at your pace.
You will start by meeting with the counsellor once a week, and when you are ready, it may become once a fortnight. We recognise that all grief is an individual journey and we tailor our support to meet individual needs. Even when you’ve finished regular sessions you are always welcome to return should you need to.
Edward’s Trust is based in a big white house… Ring on the doorbell and you will be welcomed into the waiting room. Your counsellor will come and meet you there and take you to a quiet space where you can talk…. It’s not just about talking though… You may be someone who like to express themselves creatively or visually. There are many different ways on offer to work through your grief.

Here is what some people say about our work

Edward’s Trust provide much needed, sometimes life-saving counselling support. They set up a focus group for our victims which guides a large group of bereaved people, that are all at various stages of loss.  

When a Fatal Road Traffic collision occurs the team at Edward’s Trust pick up the pieces of the families shattered lives and try so hard to make the right for them on an emotionally level.  I am always proud to be able to pass on my families to Edward’s Trust as I know they are always in the best of hands.

DC Robert Williams Family Liason Officer Collision Investigation Unit, West Midlands Police

We share Edward’s Trust’s vision and belief and are excited to be able to build a strong working relationship.

I met Sue and instantly trusted her. I could talk to her about anything, we had lots of fun at our sessions. Sue really helped me with my anxiety. 

I have found Edward’s Trust very helpful and talking to Sue has helped me in many ways. I feel safe with Sue. I would tell any of my friends who are sad or lose someone very special to go to Edward’s Trust.


When I first met Steve, my Counsellor at Edward’s Trust, I was nervous and it felt scary to meet a stranger who wanted to talk to me about my Mum and my feelings. I soon got to know and trust him and we found lots of ways to help me to talk about my feelings and remember my Mum.


Working with Edward’s Trust has been a huge benefit to both myself and the families that I support. Knowing that I have one referral to make and that the family will be contacted and commence their counselling within a number of weeks, following the death of their baby, really helps to reassure me that they are getting the individualised help and support that they need. We have good relationships with excellent communication links continually ensuring that the families are at the forefront of what we do.

Holly Haden Specialist Midwife for Bereavement

I found my well-being session really relaxing, it helped remove a lot of tenseness. Sophie is such a lovely person, so friendly and encouraging.

Anon Client

My yoga session with Sophie was also brilliant – one to one tuition was great and so relaxing!

Anon Client

My daughter has become so much more confident and outgoing. She is sleeping better and although still occasionally has outbursts, seems less anxious and much happier. I am so grateful, thank you.

Play Therapy (parent)

Play Therapy has really helped our daughter. She is so much calmer and will talk about how she feels more easily. I have noticed a massive difference in her.

Play Therapy (parent) Client

It’s been such a pleasure to support Edward’s Trust in whatever way I can, and I very much look forward to working with you again on future projects.  Edward’s Trust is so dear to my heart, having been only 12 when I lost my dad, and not having been able to access any support.  I feel very passionate that others know they are not alone, and can access the arts as part of their healing/integrating process.

Thanks again.  I’m so glad to have been able to make a connection with Edward’s Trust and to be able to offer my skills and time. 

Bethany Rivers Agency