What is counselling?

The word ‘counselling’ is a bit of a daunting word, but really it’s just about meeting with somebody who will try and understand and is trained to help you express how you are feeling. This can help you work through how you feel and find coping strategies for your grief journey.

Why counselling?

Counselling is often helpful when someone has been through, or is going through something really tough. It’s good to talk to somebody about how you are feeling, rather than bottle it up. Lots of people have counselling for all sorts of reasons. It is a sign of strength when you acknowledge that you need a bit of help. We all need help sometimes. 

Why would I speak to a stranger?

It may seem a bit strange to talk to someone you don’t know about things that are personal and painful. Sometimes it can be hard to talk to your family because you know that they are finding it hard too. Speaking to someone who is outside of the situation can be helpful because they have that bit of distance and are less emotionally involved. All of our counsellors are qualified and have years of experience of helping people work through similar experiences. Taking the first step is the hardest bit!

How does it work?

We have a number of great counsellors here at Edward’s Trust. You will be allocated to one of them, and they will be your counsellor for as long as you need support. Your first appointment will be a bit of a getting to know you session and going through expectations of your time together so you will know what it will be like. The counsellor will help you to feel comfortable and answer any questions you have. It’s ok if you have lots of questions! The counsellors will take it at your pace.
You will start by meeting with the counsellor once a week, and when you are ready, it may become once a fortnight. Edward’s Trust is quite unique as we do not limit the numbers of counselling sessions you can have. Even when you’ve finished regular sessions you are always welcome to return should you need to.
Edward’s Trust is based in a big white house… Ring on the doorbell and you will be welcomed into the waiting room. Your counsellor will come and meet you there and take you to a quiet space where you can talk…. It’s not just about talking though… You may be someone who like to express themselves creatively or visually. There are many different ways on offer to work through your grief.


This information will be kept secure at Edward’s Trust office.

The information will be used by the counsellors and wellbeing therapists to aid them in their support.

The data will be kept on a secure database, and only used anonymously in conjunction with other clients’ data as statistics. We will not contact you for marketing purposes. You can read our full policy here.

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