Parents Supporting Grieving Children

It can be really difficult to support a child who is grieving the loss of a significant person at the same time as managing your own grief. At Edward’s Trust we support bereaved parents/carers of a child or young person who is currently accessing support through Edward’s Trust and who also requires support with their grief.

We recognise that having a space to work through your own grief can give you more emotional space to support your grieving child/children. Our therapists work alongside the children’s team to understand the challenges experienced across the generations.   c


Voices of our bereaved adults

People who have been bereaved often say that they feel so alone in their grief and think that no one else understands. A number of our bereaved adults took part in a filming project because they wanted to have their voices heard and for others to know that are not alone in feeling what they feel. 

Sunny was bereaved of his wife Andrea. Once his daughter came to support from Edward’s Trust we were also able to support him.

You can see the other films – Voices from our Bereaved Adults on our YouTube Channel herere

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What is Counselling?

The word ‘counselling’ may be a bit of a daunting word, but really it’s just about meeting with somebody who will try and understand and is trained to help you express how you are feeling. This can help you work through how you feel and find coping strategies for your grief journey.

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What is Wellbeing therapy?

Facing the loss of a loved one is a very individual journey and the experience of grief often affects the whole person – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.             

Wellbeing therapies offer a range of ways to support you to relax, and become more aware of how closely our mind, body and emotions are linked.

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We are lots of information sheets on our resources page that may help you understand more about how children grieve and how best to support them. Also for young children you may like to look at the resources on our Play Therapy page.


Personal Stories – Here are a selection of guidance films from Child Bereavement UK about talking to a child about the death of a loved one.


Here are some recommended websites about supporting a bereaved child that we hope you will find informative and useful