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What is Wellbeing therapy?

Facing the loss of a loved one is a very individual journey and the experience of grief often affects the whole person – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.             

Wellbeing therapies offer a range of ways to support you to relax, and become more aware of how closely our mind, body and emotions are linked.




Aromatherapy uses essential oils from plants to promote health and wellbeing through therapeutic massage, in a vaporiser or in a relaxing bath.  

Essential oils have therapeutic properties which can be used to support us physically, mentally and emotionally. Some oils are calming and soothing, others refreshing and uplifting. Some may help ease anxiety, helping you to breathe more deeply and steadily, others may help you to sleep. 

Aromatherapy and therapeutic massage sessions usually last between an hour and an hour and a half and will be tailored to your particular needs. You will be able to take blended oils home to use to support you and remind you of the feeling of calm you have experienced. 

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage can provide an opportunity for deep relaxation, restoring a sense of balance & health. Feelings of anxiety, fear or irritability that often accompany grief may begin to soften and dispel. People often experience physical stress-related symptoms; headaches, insomnia, soreness in the neck & shoulders, breathing difficulties or colds. Massage can help your body to recover; as your body starts to relax, physical and emotional tension may ease.

Together we will do a careful assessment of your needs and then decide what sort of treatment you would like. Essential oils or plain unscented oil can be used. Whether you have a simple hand massage, face, neck and shoulder, or full body massage many people start to feel the benefits after the first session.


Mindfulness is a natural way of paying attention to the present moment, and encouraging a sense of gentle, non-judgmental. compassionate acceptance. Regular practice of mindfulness can be beneficial for our physical, mental & emotional wellbeing. Learn simple breathing and meditation practices to help calm both body and mind, explore different ways of practicing mindfulness in everyday life, and find what helps nourish and support your wellbeing. These sessions can take place both indoors and outdoors, with the option of mindfulness walking in the tranquil natural environment of our local Botanical Gardens. Mindfulness sessions can be offered one-to-one or as part of a small group.  

Wellbeing Workshops

Edward’s Trust offers 1:1 sessions and half day wellbeing workshops in small groups. 

Whether you need some time to just be, relax and begin your recovery after a loss, or you want to learn some new techniques that you can use yourself to bring about a sense of inner peace and calm, our wellbeing therapists can support you.

During the lockdown we are currently offering an online, ‘Wellbeing Hour’  via Zoom. Join our wellbeing therapists to explore different ways we can look after ourselves whilst coping with grief during these challenging times. Open to anyone currently receiving support from Edward’s Trust, as well as those who have received support from us in the past. Family members are also welcome. 

No previous experience is necessary– Do let us know if you are interested and you will be sent the link and user instructions for those not familiar with using Zoom. To express interest email: admin@edwardstrust.org.uk 

Our Wellbeing Therapist

Jane Harrison 

Jane offers 1-1 wellbeing sessions which include Aromatherapy, Mindfulness or Therapeutic Massage. 

To enquire about having an online 1-1 wellbeing session or to book onto one of our small group online wellbeing sessions please contact us. 


This information will be kept secure at Edward’s Trust office.

The information will be used by the counsellors and wellbeing therapists to aid them in their support.

The data will be kept on a secure database, and only used anonymously in conjunction with other clients’ data as statistics. We will not contact you for marketing purposes

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