Support from Trusts & Foundations

We are very grateful for the huge amount of support we get from Trusts and Foundations.

THANK YOU. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

The Limoges Charitable Trust

The G J W Turner Trust

The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust

W O Street Charitable Foundation

Evelyn May Trust

J A Gillett Charitable Trust

Jarman Charitable Trust

The Alan Woodfield Charitable Trust

The Charles Brotherton Trust 



Alfred Leadbeater Trust

Grimmitt Trust

Lord Austin Trust

Goodenough Charitable Trust

The George Henry Collins Charity

The Fitton Trust

The Thousandth Man Richard Burns Charitable Trust

Geoff Hill Charitable Trust



Lillie C Johnson Trust

Michael Marsh Charitable Trust inc. R H Willis

Henry James Sayer Charity

Stanley Smith Charitable Memorial Fund

Cook & Wolstenholme Charity Trust

The Richard Cadbury Charitable Trust

James Beattie Charitable Trust

The support we receive from Trusts and Foundations is invaluable to our work and much appreciated by all our team here at Edward’s Trust. With your help and support we put our heart and soul into supporting bereaved families across the West Midlands.

Thank you.

Yvonne Gilligan

Chief Executive, Edward's Trust


This information will be kept secure at Edward’s Trust office.

The information will be used by the counsellors and wellbeing therapists to aid them in their support.

The data will be kept on a secure database, and only used anonymously in conjunction with other clients’ data as statistics. We will not contact you for marketing purposes

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