I began receiving counselling on a fortnightly basis. Once I met Karen I was made to feel so welcome and the support and love she has shown me has been nothing short of amazing. Karen’s role is to support parents who are supporting grieiving children.

The support I have received from Edward’s Trust has allowed me to open up freely about the thoughts and feelings I have faced through this journey. When you lose somebody you love the world keeps on turning when yours has stopped, so having somebody there that you can offload not only your grief to, but the struggles of everyday life that you are now facing is invaluable.


My first visit was for parents who were bereaved through a road traffic accident. Being with other parents and under the guidance of a trained counsellor gave me the strength to say the words that stuck in my throat “Elliott, my son was killed in a motorbike accident”.

Since then, both my daughters, grandson and I have been to ‘one to one’ sessions. An Edward’s Trust visit means I’m able to be me, the façade of being in control is dropped and I can talk about Elliott with no awkward looks, shuffling of feet, or someone trying to change the subject. There’s no timescale on the length of time or the number of sessions you have. Even now, 4 years on, I know I could still pick up the phone and say “I’m struggling, I need help”.


I met Sue and instantly trusted her. I could talk to her about anything, we had lots of fun at our sessions. Sue really helped me with my anxiety. 

I have found Edward’s Trust very helpful and talking to Sue has helped me in many ways. I feel safe with Sue. I would tell any of my friends who are sad or lose someone very special to go to Edward’s Trust.


When I first met Steve, my Counsellor at Edward’s Trust, I was nervous and it felt scary to meet a stranger who wanted to talk to me about my Mum and my feelings. I soon got to know and trust him and we found lots of ways to help me to talk about my feelings and remember my Mum.


I would never have survived without you. You helped me become strong enough to carry on and re-join life after the loss of my beautiful boy.


I found my well-being session really relaxing, it helped remove a lot of tenseness. Sophie is such a lovely person, so friendly and encouraging.

Anon Client

My yoga session with Sophie was also brilliant – one to one tuition was great and so relaxing!

Anon Client

My daughter has become so much more confident and outgoing. She is sleeping better and although still occasionally has outbursts, seems less anxious and much happier. I am so grateful, thank you.

Play Therapy (parent)

Play Therapy has really helped our daughter. She is so much calmer and will talk about how she feels more easily. I have noticed a massive difference in her.

Play Therapy (parent) Client

It is difficult to put into words the help and support Edwards Trust offered. In my broken and tortured world they offered solice, comfort, support and safety. They listened to what I said and helped me validate each and everyone of my feelings. They helped me understand that it’s ok to not be ok. They helped me find hope in the darkness. Nothing can ever make my experience better or my loss easier but they showed me how to live alongside it. I honestly don’t think I would be where I am today without them. Eternally grateful xx

Grace Perks Client

To be able to fundraise seems a natural response for me to try & give a little something back to show my appreciation. By being able to donate time & money to ET makes me feel happy knowing that it will contribute towards other families receiving the gift of support when they most need it, just like we have had.

Alison Soulsby

Our children did a weekend triathlon fundraiser for you and honestly, it was you guys that made the weekend so special for them. The personal touches of the YouTube clip, the t-shirts and buffs, Teddy Eddie turning up at the swim, the communication over the weekend of the event was all so incredible. I felt you were on the journey with us all the way through. If there is anything at all we can do to encourage more young people to do fundraise for you then please let us know. 

Sarah Rush

I called out of the blue when my nephew died and who I spoke with was such a help at such a distressing time. To have someone’s immediate support at the end of a call to offer some advice on how to guide the younger siblings through grief/funeral process when surrounded by so much raw emotion and pain was huge. It was just one call but was so reassuring that I wanted to give back when I could.

Lucy McClauchlan

Edward’s Trust provide much needed, sometimes life-saving counselling support. They set up a focus group for our victims which guides a large group of bereaved people, that are all at various stages of loss.  

When a Fatal Road Traffic collision occurs the team at Edward’s Trust pick up the pieces of the families shattered lives and try so hard to make the right for them on an emotionally level.  I am always proud to be able to pass on my families to Edward’s Trust as I know they are always in the best of hands.

DC Robert Williams Family Liason Officer Collision Investigation Unit, West Midlands Police

We share Edward’s Trust’s vision and belief and are excited to be able to build a strong working relationship.

Working with Edward’s Trust has been a huge benefit to both myself and the families that I support. Knowing that I have one referral to make and that the family will be contacted and commence their counselling within a number of weeks, following the death of their baby, really helps to reassure me that they are getting the individualised help and support that they need. We have good relationships with excellent communication links continually ensuring that the families are at the forefront of what we do.

Holly Haden Specialist Midwife for Bereavement

It’s been such a pleasure to support Edward’s Trust in whatever way I can, and I very much look forward to working with you again on future projects.  Edward’s Trust is so dear to my heart, having been only 12 when I lost my dad, and not having been able to access any support.  I feel very passionate that others know they are not alone, and can access the arts as part of their healing/integrating process.

Thanks again.  I’m so glad to have been able to make a connection with Edward’s Trust and to be able to offer my skills and time. 

Bethany Rivers Agency

It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with the work that Edward’s Trust provide for bereaved families across the West Midlands. One thing that really stood out to us is the efforts and relationship that we built with their staff. Nothing was ever too much trouble for them, and they ensured they were here to help through everything that we organised. They created a very personalised approach with us and they were so grateful of our support throughout our partnership. 

Mat McSwiggan, Business Development Manager BEAM Insurance

The Binding Site has been supporting Edward’s Trust for over 7 years, it is a fantastic local charity that supports families in need at incredibly difficult times and under very trying circumstances.

As we have worked to support them we have seen first-hand the tremendous difference they make with both children and adults alike. One thing that resonates is how positive, dedicated and passionate the entire team at Edward’s Trust are about the people they are supporting. I am hugely comforted by the fact that the team at Edward’s Trust are there making a real difference to people’s lives every day. They are inspirational and it’s a privilege to be able to support them and the work they do.

We have found as an organisation when we ask for help with Edward’s Trust events we always get really good engagement as people can appreciate the real difference that they make in someone’s hour of need.

Vicky Morbey, Group Head of HR The Binding Site, Edgbaston

Supporting such a worthwhile cause is not only rewarding in the traditional charitable sense, but it also provides our staff with the opportunity to spend time together.

Mark Sinfield, Implementation Manager Platform Securities, Birmingham

Spencer Shaw Solicitors have been supporting Edward’s Trust since 2018. We get involved in sponsored events and volunteering when we can and make a monthly donation. We love supporting a local charity as we get to see and hear about the difference our support is making. We’ve built a relationship with staff and other supporters and feel part of a community.  

The fundraising team are incredibly passionate, supportive and flexible, working with us in whatever ways suit our business and our busy team. They are grateful for everything we do, no matter how small. We’re always kept in the loop about upcoming events and opportunities without ever being put under pressure. The team are great at coming up with exciting new ideas, and there’s always something we can get involved in.  

If your company is looking to support a friendly charity where your help will make a huge impact, we highly recommend getting in touch with Edward’s Trust.  


Laura Rollason, Business Development Officer, Spencer Shaw Solicitors Corporate

I love raising awareness for ET.  It felt like I could use the anger in my grief as a source of energy to help ET support other bereaved families, & I still enjoy every minute of it!  Being part of the FOET group helps bring a focus & being with other volunteers is a great sense of camaraderie and togetherness!

Richard Page

Volunteering this last year, the friends I have made & being with people feeling the same way has helped me cope in a more positive way.  I know I can talk about Josh & how I feel and everyone really understands.  I thank Edward’s Trust for the help and support they gave my family but also for the help and support they have given me through the FOET group

Sue Caldicott

I have now met a group of wonderful people at the FOET group who all have their own unique experiences but are always there to offer support.

To be able to give back now & know that another family is receiving the support that we received is well worth the time I am able to give!

Donna Mclean