Edward’s Trust is governed by a team of volunteers with varied skills and experiences. Some have been involved since the founding of the charity in 1989. 

Who are we?

Christine Bodkin - Chair

Christine is a founding member of Edward’s Trust. If you need to know anything about the history of our charity, you can guarantee Christine will know it. 

Peter Dent - Vice Chair

Hello, I’m Peter Dent. I’m a retired Chartered Surveyor and semi-retired academic. I still help to run international academic seminars and professional training programmes from the comfort of the home office.

Following the death of my first son, we set up Edward’s Trust in 1989.  It is heartening to think that, from our own personal loss, we have been able to support so many families over the years.  Living with loss is a lifetime learning experience.  It has affected my life and the path I have taken (or not) in so many ways. I am currently Vice-Chair of the charity.

Whilst I had the original vision for Edward’s Trust, I encourage staff, trustees, volunteers and supporters to take a vision forward that meets today’s needs.  The Trust has always aspired to be at the forefront of family bereavement support in the West Midlands.  We have achieved that through creativity, innovation and imagination which together with our values has not only provided a lifeline for so many families but has helped many to realise previously untapped potential in their lives.

When we have children, we take for granted that they will be a part of our lives going forward. If that doesn’t happen, then that can rock the foundations of family life.  I am fortunate to have Chris, my younger son.  He is married with two daughters. They, together with my wife, Regula, are a constant reminder to me that life goes on in so many positive ways.

Chris Hurley

I have been a Trustee at Edward’s Trust since retiring from my full-time job in the Investment industry in 2021.  I was drawn to Edward’s Trust because of its fantastic reputation, leading service provision and caring staff. Having never been able to commit time to a charitable cause I was determined to make up for this lost time and support a local Birmingham charity to continue in its journey of service excellence for the local community.

Peter Barrett

Hello, my name is Peter Barrett. I am a Chartered Surveyor, and following a very varied career in the public and private sector and in education, I am now retired, which gives me more time to support the work of Edward’s Trust. 

I have been a part of the Trust for over thirty years and I am immensely proud of the work that our dedicated professional staff do to support bereaved families. 

Over the years I have seen the Trust become established as one of the leading bereavement charities in the West Midlands,  if not the country, and I have no doubt it will continue to develop in the future.

Outside of the Trust I am also a trustee and former performer with Kaleidoscope Theatre, a Shropshire based charity working with young people with Downs Syndrome, and a volunteer with the RSPB  at Sandwell Valley Nature Reserve. 

In my spare time I enjoy reading, crosswords and now my playing days are a distant memory,  coaching the England rugby team from the comfort of my armchair or the stands at Twickenham. 

Áine Harkin

Áine is an intuitive eating counsellor and wellbeing coach. She says, ‘I first began supporting Edward’s Trust in 2017 after I met the Head of Fundraising at a local networking event. At the time I was looking for a charity to support, as I had set myself 3 challenges to complete that year. As soon as I learned more about the work of Edward’s Trust, I knew this was the charity I wanted to become involved in. I lost my dad when I was 5 years old, so it was certainly a charity that felt was very close to my heart and why I continue to support Edward’s Trust as much as I can.

I love being a member of the FOET (Friends Of Edwards Trust) group so it was important to me, when joining the Trustee board, that I could still be involved as a volunteer in some way. Maintaining a strong link between the Volunteers and Trustees is what I’m a particularly keen to do, as I feel it is important for the volunteers to be involved and to be a part of the future plans for Edward’s Trust.

After being involved with Edward’s Trust for some time now, I can see how our services are truly life changing for both children and parents. Now, as a Trustee and Volunteer, I feel honoured to be a part of helping to support and grow the services at Edward’s Trust, services that will always be needed.