We are very excited to be holding our first Cheese and Wine tasting event as a fundraiser for Edward’s Trust on Monday 24th April at the wonderful Arch 13 Bar It may be our first cheese and wine tasting event but the pairing of cheese and wine goes back thousands of years.

The history of cheese and wine tasting dates back to ancient times, when people first began producing cheese and wine. In fact, it’s believed that cheese and wine were enjoyed together as far back as the Roman Empire, where wine was often served with cheese and bread as a simple meal.

Cheese and wine have always been closely linked, as both are made through fermentation and aging processes. Wine is made through the fermentation of grapes, while cheese is made through the fermentation of milk. Both require a certain level of skill and expertise to produce, and both can vary greatly in taste depending on the specific region and method of production.

It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that the pairing of cheese and wine became more refined and evolved into a formal tasting experience. Monks in France and other parts of Europe began to experiment with different types of cheese and wine, and developed a system for tasting and evaluating them.

The first recorded wine tasting event took place in the 14th century, in the Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy. Wine merchants would gather to taste and evaluate the latest vintages, and the tradition of wine tasting soon spread throughout Europe.

Cheese tasting also became more formalized during this time, particularly in France. Cheesemakers began to develop a wide variety of cheeses, each with its own unique flavor and texture. Cheese tasting events, similar to those for wine, became popular among the aristocracy and wealthy merchant classes.

In the 19th century, cheese and wine tasting became even more popular, particularly in Europe and North America. Wine connoisseurs and experts began to develop detailed tasting notes and evaluation criteria, and cheese makers continued to experiment with new varieties and aging techniques.

Today, cheese and wine tasting has become a popular pastime around the world, with dedicated shops and restaurants specializing in the pairing of the two. The process of tasting and evaluating cheese and wine has become more scientific, with experts using a range of tools and techniques to assess the flavors, aromas, and textures of different varieties.

Our event on 24th April is in partnership with Connnolly’s Wine. Chris Connolly is a long-standing supporter of Edward’s Trust. He has been in the wine trade for more years than he’d care to remember, with a WSET diploma under his belt, he’s the perfect person to be talking you through your wines for the evening. His daughter Abigail is not only a Certified Sommelier, but also a Member of the Academy of Cheese. She’ll be talking all things dairy on the evening.

You can buy your ticket here. Do join us for a wonderful evening and to raise money to help us support bereaved families across the West Midlands.

Tickets are just £35 and you’ll be guided through a selection of 5 British cheeses which have been paired with 5 delicious wines by the team from Arch 13 at Connolly’s. £10 from each ticket will go to support the work of Edward’s Trust.