Supporting children and families facing loss and surviving bereavement across the West Midlands.

JULY 2021



Whilst the Government is easing Covid restrictions in England from Monday 19th, here at Edward’s Trust, we are erring on the side of caution for your safety and the safety of our staff due to the increase of the Delta variant.

We will continue to wear masks whilst opening the door and walking around the building and will maintain 2m distancing for the near future. We will also continue to use anti-bac on a regular basis.

Our expectation is that all our clients and visitors do the same, unless you are exempt.

We have done a thorough risk assessment and implemented the necessary safety measures to ensure that we are all as safe as possible. Our Covid19 guidelines for clients can be found here. Please read and adhere to these in the building. 

Please be assured that we will offer the best support to our clients that this different way of working will allow. 

Should you need to contact us, please do so either by telephone 0121 454 1705; email

Please watch our website and social media pages for further updates. (Facebook, & Twitter @edwardstrust)

For further information and advice regarding Coronavirus please visit the NHS site at


For 30 years Edward’s Trust have been supporting bereaved families

Edward’s Trust was set up in 1989 by Peter and Hilary Dent in memory of their son Edward, who died aged 7 of cancer at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  30 years later the Trust still continues to provide much needed support to bereaved families. 

Edward’s Trust provides holistic family bereavement services supporting children, young people and parents across the West Midlands. We provide support to parents bereaved, or about to bereaved, of their son or daughter – whatever the age of their child. We also provide support to children and young people of school age who are bereaved, or are about to be bereaved, of a parent, significant carer or sibling. 

A ‘Wellbeing in Bereavement’ service includes complementary therapies and respite bereavement care for bereaved parents and carers. Training and consultation for professionals working with bereaved families or families who are about to be bereaved.

How we help

  • Counselling

  • Wellbeing Therapies

  • Phone Support

  • Online Support

  • Complementary Therapies

  • Support Groups 

  • Social Activities

  • Remembrance Services

  • Pre-bereavement Support

Our Values


We will act with integrity in all that we do, being mindful and considerate to all. We respect and remember those who have died. Respect is a constant that embraces diversity and uniqueness of experience.


A feeling of trust in tomorrow. We embody, instil and empower a feeling of trust in tomorrow. Hope is the hand to hold. We have a vision that one day there will be a universal understanding of life-changing grief.


Complete and all encompassing. We acknowledge and respond to the needs of the whole person: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We recognise the total experience of grief, promoting a holistic approach to bereavement care.


Enabling with compassion and care. We provide responsive support that is appropriate, relevant and meaningful to each individual. Together in safety and strength. Encouraging society to respond appropriately to people facing loss and surviving bereavement.


Embracing professional integrity and creative innovation. We are passionate about providing exceptional services and maintaining the highest standards in all that we do. Excellence is valuing people. We are committed to driving innovation and change.