Crimble Swimble

Will you take the icy plunge for Edward’s Trust?

We’re challenging the adventure lovers and the courageous and brave to do something daring this Christmas by taking part in our volunteer led, ‘Crimble Swimble’ on December 27th. 

Take the icy plunge at Dosthill Quarry to raise vital money to support Edward’s Trust bereavement charity 

We can’t promise it won’t be a bit nippy – but knowing you are bringing support to bereaved children, young people and parents in the West Midlands will make it truly worthwhile, as well as a great profile pic! 

Supporting Edward’s Trust

Edward’s Trust is a local West Midlands charity providing support for bereaved children, young people, and parents. We have 34 years of experience and operate at the highest level, providing qualified counselling and holistic support for complex or prolonged grief.

We do not set time limits and the service is completely free.

We do not get Government funding; therefore, we rely on donations to keep this vital service going.


This season can be particularly difficult for those who have been bereaved, whatever stage of their grief journey they are on.

Many mark the time with an alternative, ‘Blue Christmas’ – and have a time of reflection of loss and remembrance at some point during the season. 

With this in mind and with support from the West Midlands Bluetits (chill swimmers wild swimming group) a group of volunteers got together to plan a fundraising cold water dip with support from Edward’s Trust.

How it works

This challenge caters for all; the first timer to wild swimming (and what an experience to start with!) a fair weather wild swimmer, an experienced indoor swimmer, right through to hard core wild swimmers like the Bluetits Chill Swimmers 

Whatever your stage and level, use this challenge to push yourself. It may be that just getting in is enough…. or getting your head under water, but for some of you more experienced, you might like to swim to the end of the quarry and back, or do a circuit. Listen to your body – push yourself, but stay safe. 

Your entrance price includes a £7 donation to the work of Edward’s Trust. It includes a free hot drink, mince pie and the first 20 to sign up get a free blue Santa hat.

We very much hope that as well as swimming with us to raise money for Edward’s Trust you will also consider doing this challenge as a sponsored event. For many of you it really will push you outside of your comfort zone and is a very worthy challenge to earn a few more pounds for the charity. You may even be doing it in memory of a loved one.

Those with a Dosthill Quarry Swim pass will need to use a discount code (listed in the Edward’s Trust shop) to deduct the price of the swim. They will also need to bring their swim pass on the day.

Once you book your ticket one of our team of volunteers will email you confirmation and more details.


Outdoor swimming, particularly in very cold water is of course physically challenging and carries with it the risk of personal injury, including (but not limited to) cold water shock, hypothermia, drowning, sickness from polluted water, injury from wildlife, other swimmers or divers (at Dosthill quarry) or debris in the water or thrown off the cliff above (unlikely!) 

The lake at Dosthill quarry is pure, healthy spa water, but it is cold! (There’s no getting away from that!!)

When you arrive for your first swim, the staff at Dosthill Quarry will give you a briefing and you will be asked to undertake a simple flotation check where one of the staff will oversee you floating on your back without kicking, or sculling with your hands. You will need to arrive at least half an hour early for your briefing.

  • You are responsible for yourself and your safety (although there are qualified staff at Dosthill Quarry to advise and support you)
  • When it comes to safety, you must act responsibly and sensibly at all times towards yourself and towards others.
  • You must follow any given by the staff at Dosthill Quarry.
  • You must not participate if you are under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs.
  • If you are pregnant, have any health conditions or are taking prescribed medication you must obtain professional or specialist advice from your doctor before participating.
  • If you are in any doubt about the safety of a swim or your ability to complete it, you should not take part.

Once you have booked your place you will receive an e.mail from one of the team and it will include a link to a registration and an acceptance of risk form that you need to complete for Dosthill Quarry, in order to swim. You must complete this form in order to able to take part (If you have already swum at Dosthill you will have already completed one and need not do it again).

If you don’t have a wetsuit or a float you can rent a wetsuit for £8 or a float for £2.

Amanda was supported by Edward's Trust after the death of her son Oliver to suicide. Not long after his death, Amanda took on her first wild swim. It was in Dosthill Quarry and it was snowing!!

By taking on our charity Crimble Swimble, you will help Edward's Trust support more people like Amanda.