Mental Health Awareness Week this year is the 15th-21st May and is an important initiative that raises the profile of mental well-being and the various challenges people face. After the success of ‘The Big Give‘ match funding campaign Edward’s Trust have run for the last two Christmases, this year, from the 15th to the 22nd of May, we are taking part in the awareness week by launching a mental health focused ‘Big Give.’ This match-funding campaign aims to raise funds for the crucial work in providing holistic support to individuals and families dealing with bereavement particularly in terms of their mental health. 78% of people say the cost of living crisis is impacting mental health – worse for those with existing mental health problems. Add to that a bereavement, and we certainly have some mental health issues to address.

Bereavement, can have a profound impact on an individual’s mental health. Grief is a complex process that affects people differently, and its emotional, psychological, and physical toll can be overwhelming. Many individuals facing bereavement struggle with intense feelings of sadness, loneliness, anger, guilt, and anxiety. The grieving process can also lead to disrupted sleep patterns, appetite changes, and difficulty concentrating. Supporting those affected by bereavement is crucial in helping them navigate their grief and maintain their mental well-being. Adequate care and the support offered by our team of counsellors and therapists here at Edward’s Trust during this challenging period can contribute to better coping mechanisms, increased resilience, and an improved quality of life.

As part of our commitment to mental health and bereavement care, we are running ‘The Big Give’ campaign during Mental Health Awareness Week. Running from the 15th to the 22nd of May, this match funding initiative aims to raise vital funds to support this essential work.

‘The Big Give’ provides a unique opportunity for individuals, businesses, and organisations to make a tangible impact on the mental well-being of those affected by bereavement. Through match funding, every donation made during the week long campaign will be DOUBLED, amplifying the support provided by Edward’s Trust. So that’s ONE DONATION – DOUBLE THE IMPACT! An amazing opportunity to give!

Donations during The Big Give week need to go through The Big Give website in order for them to be registered and therefore doubled. The page will go live and be on all our social media channels on 15th May and be live for one week only! Get involved, donate during The Big Give week & help us support the mental health of our bereaved families.