Edward’s Trust is committed to offering holistic support to those who have been bereaved. We know that grief affects the whole person so this means that wellbeing support is just as important as our counselling service. Following our wonderful wellbeing day in March, we are running a number of further wellbeing events available to anyone who is or who has received support from Edward’s Trust (and they are welcome to bring a friend along too if they are over 16). On June 17th, Sophie, our Wellbeing Therapist will be running a Yoga day in Highbury Park in Moseley. She says ‘We will be meeting with others who have also been bereaved, walking and exploring our way through the week we’ve had. We will then talk about how we might hold stress and grief physically in our bodies. After that we will take part in a yoga class with the aim of finding some relaxation and stress relief.’

Sophie explains that Yoga can offer several benefits to one’s overall well-being when experiencing grief. While it may not eliminate the pain of grief entirely, incorporating a regular yoga practice into your routine can provide a supportive and healing space for your mind, body, and emotions. Here are some ways in which yoga can positively impact your well-being during the grieving process:

Physical relaxation: Grief can manifest physically, leading to tension, tightness, and even physical pain. Yoga postures, known as asanas, promote relaxation and release muscular tension. Through gentle stretches, deep breathing, and mindful movement, yoga can help alleviate physical discomfort and promote a sense of ease in the body.

Emotional release: Grief is often accompanied by a wide range of emotions, including sadness, anger, guilt, and frustration. Yoga provides an outlet for emotional expression and release. The combination of physical movement, deep breathing, and focused awareness during yoga practice can help you connect with your emotions, allowing them to surface and be acknowledged in a safe environment.

Stress reduction: Grief can be an incredibly stressful experience, affecting both the mind and body. Engaging in yoga can help activate the relaxation response and reduce stress levels. The practice incorporates techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness, which have been shown to lower cortisol levels and promote a sense of calm and balance.

Mind-body connection: Grief can often lead to a sense of disconnection between the mind and body. Yoga emphasizes the integration of both, encouraging you to cultivate awareness and a deeper connection with yourself. By focusing on the present moment through breath and movement, yoga can help you reconnect with your body, fostering a sense of unity and harmony.

Self-compassion and acceptance: Grief can be accompanied by self-critical thoughts or feelings of guilt. Yoga encourages self-compassion and self-acceptance by cultivating non-judgmental awareness and embracing the present moment. The practice of yoga encourages you to be gentle with yourself, honouring your emotions and experiences without judgment or self-blame.

Community and support: Participating in yoga classes or group sessions can provide a sense of community and support during the grieving process and Edward’s Trust are a very friendly community. Sharing a yoga practice with others who may have similar experiences can create a space for empathy, understanding, and connection.

Here at Edward’s Trust we acknowledge that everyone’s grief journey is unique, and different approaches to healing work for different individuals. While yoga can be a valuable tool, it’s essential to find what resonates with you personally and to be patient and compassionate with yourself as you navigate the grieving process. If you feel overwhelmed or require additional support, please speak to your Edward’s Trust Counsellor, or if you are only currently having wellbeing support you may like to ask for some counselling support as well.

If you are, or have been supported by Edward’s Trust and would like to join our Yoga day in the park you can just turn up with a yoga mat and bottle of water. If you have further questions or a query you can contact Sophie at sophie.skipp@edwardstrust.org.uk

The session details are:

Date:   Saturday June 17th 10am – 11.30am

Location : Highbury Park, Shutlock Lane, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8QG

The carpark is located at south-west corner of the park, near the junction of Shutlock Lane and Dad’s Lane. Sophie will be waiting in the park (with a purple yoga mat and a smile) at 10am.