The Kite Club

Join the Kite Club & let bereaved families know they are not alone in their grief

What is The Kite Club

The Kite Club is a community of Edward’s Trust supporters who have pledged to help bereaved families by giving a regular donation.

How do I become a member of The Kite Club?

Once you set up a regular donation to Edward’s Trust, you automatically become a member of The Kite Club. To set up a payment, please choose one of the following two options:

1. Set up a regular payment through Just Giving, by clicking here and follow the instructions. Please note that Just Giving will take a fee from your transactions (unless you decide to cover the costs) which are 1.9% plus 20p every time a payment is made. If you choose to Gift Aid your donation, there will be an extra 5% charged on the gift aid amount.


2. Click here to fill in this form and set up a standing order directly with your bank. This form can be completed electronically and sent via email to, or a paper copy can be posted to the address at the end of the form. To set up a monthly/ regular standing order you will have to instruct your bank, either through online banking or talking to your bank directly. This option has a few more steps for you to carry out; however, there are no fees charged and a standing order is easier to cancel than a direct debit.

Unfortunately, we do not have the facility to take Direct Debits directly from donors at the moment. Although this means that there is some extra work on your behalf to set up your payments, this does mean you have more control over how long you donate for. It also means less administrative costs for Edward’s Trust.

What is the commitment?

You can opt out at any time. We would hope that you will stay part of our community for longer than a few months, but we do know that life changes and it’s not always possible.

Who is eligible to be a member?

Anyone who pledges to give a donation on a regular basis, either via standing order, or through Just Giving, and completes our form (see “How do I become a member?”). Some of our members give monthly, some quarterly and some annually.

What difference does being a member of The Kite Club make to Edward's Trust?

Your individual contribution can make a huge difference to our families:

£5 a month would pay for our initial enquiry system, offering help and support as a first port of call

£10 a month would pay for craft materials for our Creative Expressions of Grief support

£20 a month would pay for six counselling sessions with a qualified counsellor.

£30 a month over a year would pay for six wellbeing sessions. 

Having regular income helps Edward’s Trust plan our services better, knowing that we can rely on your regular donations.

The bereaved families using our service will know that there is a community of people wanting to support them. As feeling isolated is common with grief, we feel that this is the biggest difference you can make.

What are the benefits to being a member of The Kite Club?

You’ll be part of a community of people of like-minded people who understand the importance of getting support with traumatic grief.
You will receive six communications every year – three editions of the Kite newsletter, plus updates on our service and how your donations are helping. We will also send you a small gift when we confirm your membership. 

We will look to organise an annual event to say, ‘thank you for your support’ and for you to meet the team.

Our Fundraising and Evaluation Manager

Emma Wright looks after our members of The Kite Club. She will walk you through the process and is available for any questions or queries.

You can contact her on 0121 456 4838 or