Unity Lottery

 You could win up to £25,000 while supporting our vital work

What is Unity lottery?

Unity is the nation’s fundraising lottery platform. It’s designed to give good causes the chance to raise money through their own weekly lottery.

When you join a lottery using the Unity platform, the platform guarantees that at least 50p of every £1 you play comes to Edward’s Trust as your chosen cause. The remaining 50p is used by the platform to provide prizes and cover administration (18.4% on prizes and 31.6% on expenses and administration of the lottery). This means that we can run our own fundraising lottery with no ongoing cost! 


How does it work?

For just £1 per week you will be allocated with a unique six-digit lottery number, which will remain yours for as long as you wish to keep playing. You can purchase more than one lottery number if you wish. Winners have to match 3, 4, 5 or all 6 digits of the winning number in the correct place in the sequence.

Every Friday, the lucky winners are sent their prizes automatically, so if you win there is no need for you to claim.

You must be 16 or over to enter.

Once entered (online or by downloading postal form) you will receive your lottery numbers in the post or via email and you will be told when you can start playing. 

The promoter of this Unity Lottery is Edward’s Trust, 3 Vicarage Road, Edgbaston, B15 3ES. Edward’s Trust is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by Birmingham City Council under licence number 6873

What can you win?

  • 3 digit match = 5 entries into the next draw
  • 4 digit match = £25
  • 5 digit match = £1,000
  • 6 digit match = £25,000

A match occurs if your digits are in the same place in the sequence as they are in the winning number…..


325764 – random winning number

326574 – your lottery number

[This is a 3-number match, winning 5 entries into the next draw]

What are my chances?

Unity offers the best odds of any platform of its kind. Because it’s a number match game, the odds are fixed. This means that no matter which cause you’re supporting, or how big their lottery is, every lottery number has an equal chance of winning a prize.

  • 3 digit match = 1 in 69
  • 4 digit match = 1 in 823
  • 5 digit match = 1 in 18,518
  • 6 digit match = 1 in 1,000,000

All players have a 1 in 63 chance of winning ANY prize!

Unity is a common brand lottery jointly promoted by Sterling Management Centre Limited and individual society lotteries. Each Lottery operated under Unity is a separate licensed lottery, operated by and supporting that particular good cause. Unity is administered by Sterling Management Centre Limited, licensed and regulated in Great Britain by The Gambling Commission under account number 3137

By playing Unity Lottery you can help us change lives.

Here are some stories of people who have received support from Edward’s Trust. 

Personal Stories

Here are some stories from adults who have received support from Edward’s Trust. Please note these films are of a sensitive nature dealing with child loss or grief.  

Baby Loss bereavement

Baby Loss bereavement

Sudden Loss bereavement – Road Traffic Collision

Sudden Loss bereavement – Suicide

Parents supporting grieving children

To support more families like those in these films, why not consider playing the lottery? You could win £25,000 and also support Edward’s Trust. What’s not to love? 

Here is what some people say about our work

Edward’s Trust provide much needed, sometimes life-saving counselling support. They set up a focus group for our victims which guides a large group of bereaved people, that are all at various stages of loss.  

When a Fatal Road Traffic collision occurs the team at Edward’s Trust pick up the pieces of the families shattered lives and try so hard to make the right for them on an emotionally level.  I am always proud to be able to pass on my families to Edward’s Trust as I know they are always in the best of hands.

DC Robert Williams Family Liason Officer Collision Investigation Unit, West Midlands Police

We share Edward’s Trust’s vision and belief and are excited to be able to build a strong working relationship.

Working with Edward’s Trust has been a huge benefit to both myself and the families that I support. Knowing that I have one referral to make and that the family will be contacted and commence their counselling within a number of weeks, following the death of their baby, really helps to reassure me that they are getting the individualised help and support that they need. We have good relationships with excellent communication links continually ensuring that the families are at the forefront of what we do.

Holly Haden Specialist Midwife for Bereavement

I found my well-being session really relaxing, it helped remove a lot of tenseness. Sophie is such a lovely person, so friendly and encouraging.

Anon Client

My yoga session with Sophie was also brilliant – one to one tuition was great and so relaxing!

Anon Client

It’s been such a pleasure to support Edward’s Trust in whatever way I can, and I very much look forward to working with you again on future projects.  Edward’s Trust is so dear to my heart, having been only 12 when I lost my dad, and not having been able to access any support.  I feel very passionate that others know they are not alone, and can access the arts as part of their healing/integrating process.

Thanks again.  I’m so glad to have been able to make a connection with Edward’s Trust and to be able to offer my skills and time. 

Bethany Rivers Agency