Virtual Pet Show

We know that pets are very good for our mental health so we thought, why not show off our four legged (or two winged or scaled) friends and raise money for Edward’s Trust at the same time…?

The Edward’s Trust

Virtual Pet Show

Back by popular demand, we are very excited about our virtual pet show fundraiser. Not only is it wonderful to look at photos of people’s pets, but  donations also support our work with bereaved families. Many of us on the team at Edward’s Trust have or love pets so we know first hand how wonderful they are for our mental health. 

You can nominate your pet for our Virtual Pet Show between 1st March & 1st April.

The four categories are

A) Best Dog

B) Best Cat

C) Best Small Pet

D) Best Comedy Caption

Pet Show Instructions


Entries should be submitted online,  from March 1st. Choose the category for your pet then please start the write up about your pet with the category you would like to nominate them for. (The nomination link will not be displayed until 1st March when the competition opens).

E.g. if you want to nominate your dog in the ‘best dog’ category, write:

‘A) This is Jasper the dog. He is wonderful because…..’ or

if you want to nominate you cat in the Comedy Caption category, write;

D) Clive the Cat likes to help with the washing up’ (pic. cat licking dishes in dishwasher)   

(If you need inspiration for a Comedy Caption… we rate, We Rate Dogs on Twitter. Do check it out and have a chuckle)

Entry fee

Entry fee is £5 per animal per category so if you want to nominate Lenny the Lizzard for both C) Best Small Pet and D) Best Comedy Caption the you will need to post a photo and write text for Lenny twice and pay £5 for each nomination

Winner Announcement

There will be one winner in each category. The winners will be judged by an unbiased team of animal lovers and will be announced on April 11th – National Pet Day