October Challenge

This year in our series of October challenges we bring you our wonderful, ‘WALK30.’

For those inspired by the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham this Summer, this is the perfect challenge to push yourself a bit more in your physical fitness (& of course it’s also good for your mental health) and raise money for Edward’s Trust at the same time. There are various options, so we hope all can participate. Click on drop down boxes below to find out more.


This really is a flexible challenge for you to make your own. You can choose from a number of options:

OPTION 1 – Walk for 30 minutes everyday (if you don’t normally).

OPTION 2 – Walk for 30 minutes everyday at a faster pace… (enough to get your heart pumping!)

If you want to go to the next level then, 

OPTION 3 – Run for 30 minutes everyday!

But you know yourself…. make this challenge your own & set your own targets – The aim is to get  a bit more active every day for a month. (We’ve given you one day off, because we’re nice like that!!)

OPTION 4 Move more for 30 minutes everyday.

**Don’t worry – if you are not able to WALK30 every day maybe instead you could TALK more or GIVE more?**


OPTION 1 – Talk to 30 people about the work of Edward’s Trust (that’s just one a day with one day off!) 

OPTION 2 Talk for 30 mins about the work of Edward’s Trust. 

We want to raise awareness of Edward’s Trust so that more people know about the work that we do to support bereaved families. We want all parents, young people and children who need us to have access to support. Also maybe amongst the people you talk to, there might be someone who would like to support us financially?

If you have been bereaved, or know someone who has been, why not talk about loss?

OPTION 3 – Talk to 30 people about bereavement and loss (Schools/groups)

Death & bereavement is often a taboo issue. We also know that people who have been bereaved often love to talk about the person they have lost. If you know someone who has been bereaved why not ask them a question about their loved one? Or perhaps, if you work in a School/Faith organisation or are a group leader you could facilitate a conversation about how best to support someone who has been bereaved.

(There are plenty of videos on our YouTube channel to help you with this)


Again there are various options because we want to make this as inclusive as possible.

We know many are needing to tighten their belts at the moment, so you can chose whichever suits you.

OPTION 1 Give 30 pounds to support the work of Edward’s Trust. That is just £1 a day for the month of October (minus one day) – This might work well for Schools/Youth groups/Uniformed organisations. (Do contact us if you would like a ‘charity pot’).

OPTION 2 Do Walk30 as a sponsored event. You can set up your Walk30 Just Giving page on our Walk30 Campaign page here.  

Whether a Corporate organisation, a School, Uniformed organisation, a community group, a family or an individual, we hope there are options for everyone to feel that they can contribute in some way to our work. Some may have more time than money, others may feel more comfortable talking than walking, others may have more money than time. Challenge yourself!…. but make it work for you… and THANK YOU! Your support helps us support bereaved children, young people and families across the West Midlands.

Here are the posters and graphics you might need to help you promote this campaign. Do download PDF’s to print and display or JPEGS to put on social media. If you need anything else please contact our Comms & Marketing Manager (helen.tomblin@edwardstrust.org.uk) There will be posts on all our social media channels throughout October for you to engage with and we would love to hear your stories and see your photos. helen.tomblin@edwardstrust.org.

Let the world know you are taking part in Walk30 and link your Just Giving page by using this email footer.

Tell the world you are taking part in Walk30 for Edward’s Trust with this Walk30 (Do it your way) Facebook header

Tell the world you are taking part in Walk30 by sporting one of our free button badges – Get in contact to let us know how many you need or pick up from our office in Edgbaston. (fundraising@edwardstrust.org.uk)

In previous years we have run ’30 in 30′ and ’31 in 31′ challenges during October